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Agia Roumeli
Agia Roumeli, is a small village on the shores of the Libyan sea, on the western side of the island of crete. Breathtakingly beautiful in its sheer simplicity, it is situated west of the town of Sfakia, and built near the ancient ruins of Tara, on the edge of the Samaria gorge.
Agia Roumeli is a very special and unique place with its genuine cretan background. It has strong character and soul surrounded by breath taking, wild mountains and a long beach of fine pebble by the clear Libyan sea.
The village is remote and a little isolated. You can only reach it on foot or by boat.
An amazing beach and a captivating landscape that certainly does not remind you that here in April 24, 1824 Imbraim's soldiers slaughtered 40 fighters and 600 women and children. The only thing that reminds you this, is a marble slab on the top of the island. It is located 5 km south from Chrisoscalitissa Monastery. The island is 100 m away from the coastline.
Gorge of Samaria

The gorge of Samaria is the second most popular tourist attraction in Crete (after the Minoan palace of Knossos) and by far the most popular walk. More than a quarter million people walk through the gorge every year from beginning of May to the end of October. In the winter the gorge (located in the National Park of Samaria) is closed to visitors because of the danger posed by water and falling stones.

The reason for the popularity of Samaria may be that it is said to be the longest gorge in Europe, it may also simply be that it is an area of stunning natural beauty, passing through forests of ancient cypresses and pines, then cutting very deep between vertical cliffs through the mountains to emerge at Agia Roumeli by the Libyan sea in the South of Crete

Finally, if you are attracted by the idea of walking through this beautiful gorge but put off by the crowds there is a way around it: 99% of the people walking through the gorge of Samaria do so in the morning. If you start in the middle of the day and, walking at a leisurely pace get to Agia Roumeli in the evening you will meet only a handful of people. You can spend the night in Agia Roumeli and if you wish, return to your "base" the following day. In the summer months this will also help you avoid walking the last two kilometres which are without shade in the blazing sun. All in all and if you don't have to rely on organized tours to take you through the gorge it will be a far more fulfilling experience than walking with the masses.

The small village of Sougia in the south-west of Crete has managed to remain unaffected by the growth of tourism in Crete. It is still a peaceful haven, with a long beach, plenty of good accommodation and great places to eat, all at prices below those found in most of the island. Sougia is perfect spot for quiet holidays in South Crete.