About Paleochora: History
It is also interesting that the town of Paleohora itself is built on top of ancient Kalamidis. In 1278 the Venetian general (commander) Marinos Gradengos had the historical castle of Selino built on an elevation overlooking the Libian Sea. This memorial of the Venetian era - named the Fortezza, remains today behind the village of Paleohora. Grammeno
Grammeno The larger area of Paleohora is rich in medieval Byzantine memorials and you can easily visit many small Byzantine chapels with interesting and rare wall paintings as well as the remains of early Christian churches
All of Crete is a large history book. One story that is buried deep in the ages when In the larger area of Paleohora, in the ancient times and in particular in the Hellenistic era (from 400 B.C.), there were there were many city-states which had control of the smaller cities (villages). These city-states developed and remained powerful because of thier physical position on the side of the mountains which provided shelter from pirate raids. Grammeno
Grammeno Grammeno